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Quality Assurance

Rela International is committed to giving our customers on-time supply of non-defective product that is in line with customer expectations and industry standards through continuous improvement of our products' quality, service and business practices. We will strive to maintain the highest quality and actively work towards setting and achieving our corporate goals. Our promise is that we provide our customers with the highest quality, prompt customer service and competitive prices, and prompt delivery. Our quality assurance program is guided by a set of principles that help us create a unique culture, which includes respect, self-management and open communication, and innovation.

Our Quality Key Principles are:

  • Learn about our customers' needs, markets, wants and needs and constantly enhance our services to help facilitate expansion.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction continuously and continuously provide products as well as processes and services that exceed and meet customer expectations.
  • Maintain a positive, healthy workplace that allows employees to achieve their best output.
  • Continuously improve Quality Management System in order to ensure that it is always in place to keep us ahead of our competitors.

To meet this goal of quality, Rela International has pursued the top position in the market in the market by being a client-focused international company that delivers superior quality, innovation, and value.